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DR Brown's CBD Topicals

DR Brown’s RELIEF Pain & Inflammation Salve

Price $40

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (250+ mg CBD), Shae butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Lidocaine, Camphor, proprietary essential oil blend. Designed to penetrate deep when massaged into skin to relieve pain & inflammation.

DR Brown’s REPAIR Skin Healing Salve

Price $40

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (250+ mg CBD), Shae Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh, Peppermint, Tea Tree. Designed to be massaged into skin to provide regenerative assistant to damaged or discolored areas.


Daily CBD Drops w/ Marked Dropper

This medical quality, Co2 extracted, full spectrum hemp oil has been filtered to preserve all relevant cannabinoids, Omegas and terpenes while removing unwanted plant material. Comes in various strengths:

• FULL 300mg CBD/30mL – $35
• XTRA 600mg CBD/30mL – $60
• MAX 1000mg CBD/30mL – $85
• PRO 1500mg CBD/30mL – $135
• MED 3000mg CBD/30mL – $200
• PET 300mg CBD/30mL- $35


Specialty Daily CBG Drops

CBG is know as the “mother cannabinoid .” We increase the CBG:CBD ratio to 10:1 which increases the effectiveness and longevity of full spectrum CBD oil.

• CBG 500mg / 30mL-$60
• CBG 1000mg / 30mL-$100

Broad Spectrum THC Free CBD Drops

A broad spectrum is a CBD oil for those who are regularly tested for THC. Unlike a CBD isolate, it is made from a distillate like a full spectrum with it’s own terpene profile and will have traces of other cannaboids.

• BROAD 1000mg CBD / 30mL-$90

MAX 1000 with Turmeric: We take our already powerful full spectrum oil and combine it with turmeric in order to get the best anti inflammatory response possible.

• MAX 1000mg w/ Turmeric- $100



DR Brown's CBD Daily Capsules

DR Brown’s Nano Emulsified H20 Soluble

Price $80

These full spectrum CBD rich capsules are 5
7x stronger than oil based CBD because they
are made to be absorbed in water rather than
in oil. The result is a stronger, faster acting
and longer lasting alternative to our daily
drops. They currently come in one strength:
7mg/capsule (30 per bottle)

DR Brown’s EndoGELS 30mg soft liquigels

Price $60

This full spectrum CBD rich whole plant
cannabinoid product is derived from a responsible CO2 supercritical extraction
method and mixed with a fractionated coconut oil 30mg/gel (30 per bottle)


DR Brown's CBD Mixed THC Free Gummies (1Omg/gummy)

Mixed Flavor 150mg (regular or sugar free)

Price $15.00

Mixed Flavor 300mg (regular or sugar free)

Price $25.00

Mixed Flavor 600mg (regular or sugar free)

Price $45.00

Mixed Flavor 1000mg (regular or sugar free)

Price $55.00


Peace Doobies

Natural Pre rolled smokable

hemp flower – 150 mg CBD each

Take a break from the everyday aches and pains of the world with Peace Doobies. Made with
high grade CBD hemp flower. Pre rolled for you into the perfect dosage of DR Brown’s CBD.
Special Sauce and Lifter strains.

Price $10.00


COOL - Cooling Effect Pain Lotion Pump, 2.5 oz-1000mg CBD, THC Free

A high power topical that works in two ways. First, the essential oils and terpene blend work together with pure menthol crystals to create an intense cooling sensation that helps relieve aches and pains. Next our US grown multi spectrum hemp extract (CBD) absorbs deep into the tissue delivering unparallel relief. Perfect for larger surface areas, this smooth spreading cream comes in a convenient pump for easy access and clean storage. Hemp farmed and extracted in the USA. THC free.

Price $99.99


PAIN STICK, 2 oz & 0.5 oz sizes
(750mg / 300mg) THC free

This pain relief hemp oil stick is manufactured using the highest quality natural ingredients. A terpene rich multi spectrum hemp extract is used in combination with a traditional menthol crystal to give you the best pain relief available. This pain stick is designed to provide maximum relief in a convenient and easy to use push up applicator. Hemp farmed and extracted in the USA. THC free.

2 oz size Price $74.99

0.5 oz size Price $35


Nose & Paw Balm for Dogs - 2 oz - 150mg CBD, Full Spectrum

This cannabinoid rich CBD Nose & Paw Balm is a must have for your pet care line! Featuring excellent barriers like Candelilla Wax and Shea Butter, this lavender scented balm can soothe and nourish while keeping your pet ready to play.

Price $39.99


Hemp Flower Infused Soap - 4 oz Bar - 200mg CBD, THC Free

Not your ordinary CBD soap bar, this naturally green tinted soap bar is great for exfoliation and moisturizing. We use a fresh CBD rich hemp flower to add a natural feel and look. The flower is mixed right into the bar and feels great on your skin as you use it on your body. Not intended for use directly on the face.

 Price $19.99


CBD Beggin' Bites - 7mg per square

Keeping your dog’s teeth clean and free from tarter is very important. Your dog will love these all natural, crunchy squares made with pumpkin, peanut & honey. With a generous amount of CBD added and no preservatives you can be assured you are giving your dog only the best.

150mg package Price $25

300mg packagePrice $45

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